Have resolutions, will travel

Lena Hunt Mabra

However, if you are stuck for ideas for your New Year travel resolutions, perhaps this poem by Lena Hunt Mabra will provide some much needed inspiration.

I resolve to pack less so that I can carry more memories. black woman on an aeroplane

I resolve to unload my baggage at the beginning of the trip instead of the end so that I can move with more freedom.

I resolve to pass security by unloading my insecurities.

I resolve to upgrade by not degrading others.

I resolve to wash away my problems by listening to someone else's.

I resolve to relieve my "plane neck" and shoulder aches by lending a shoulder to my neighbor to lean on.

I resolve to turn down the volume in my head by allowing the crying baby to drown it out.

I resolve to take flight by soaring with my dreams.


black woman traveller in ParisI resolve to land safely by crashing in the cushion of my new found home.

I resolve to pass through customs by unleashing my native and clutching those of my new location.

I resolve to open my mind by closing my mouth.

I resolve to get to know the locals by being a better tourist.

I resolve to write by reading.

I resolve to do by watching.

I resolve to find my way home by traveling afar.

By Lena Hunt Mabra. Copyright 2004. Source: ugogurl


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